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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.




Food for Phasmids that you can get at the grocery and other stores; Romaine lettuce (the green part not the white basal stalk), Italian parsley, Cilantro, other green-leafy vegetables, Ficus benjamina, Ivy, Ferns like (Asplenium scolopendrium) and (Asplenium spp.).

Evergreen plants; Bayberry, Eucalyptus, Photinia glabra, Oregon grape, Photinia fraseri, Mangifera indica, Rhododendron, Pyracantha (Firethorn), Rose, Azalea, Ivy.

Click here to see a list of Toxic and Non- toxic Plants.

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common name (scientific name, family)
a Stick Bug (Acanthomenexenus polyacanthus, Lonchodinae)
Sabah Stick Bug (Areaton asperrimus, Heteropteryginae)
Stick Bug (Achrioptera punctipes)
White Form Skeleton Stick Bug (Anisomorpha buprestoides)
Devil's Rider/ Orange Form Skeleton Stick Bug (Anisomorpha buprestoides)
Southern Walking Stick (Anisomorpha monstrosa)
Australia Stick Bug (Acrophylla wuelfingi, Phanmatinae)
It got 2 very small horns, Stick Bug (Baculum giganteum, Phanmatinae)
Stick Bug (Baculum sp., Phanmatinae)
Stick Bug (Brasidas samarensis, Heteropteryginae)
Stick Bug (Carausius chani, Lonchodinae)
Stick Bug (Carausius sanguineoligatus, Lonchodinae)
Stick Bug (Ctenomorphodes briareus, Phasmatinae)
Stick Bug (Diapherodes gigantea)
Stick Bug (Diapheromera femorata, Heteronemiinae)
Stick Bug (Dinophasma saginata)
Stick Bug (Dimorphodes spec.)
Stick Bug (Epidares nolimetangere, Heteropteryginae)
Giant Spiny Stick Bug (Eurycantha calcarata, Eurycanthinae)
Stick Bug (Eurycantha spp. actually Cotylosoma spp.)
Giant Stick Bug (Eurycnema Goliath)
Giant Prickly Leaf Bug (Extatosoma tiaratum bufonium, Tropidoderinae)
Giant Prickly Leaf Bug (Extatosoma tiaratum, Tropidoderinae)
Stick Bug (Haaniella dehaani, Heteropteryginae)
Stick Bug (Haaniella grayi, Heteropteryginae)
Stick Bug (Hermarchus sp., Phasmatinae)
Jungle Nymph Stick Bug (Heteropteryx dilatata, Heteropteryginae)
Stick Bug (Lopaphus caesius, Heteronemiidae)
Stick Bug (Lonchodes cultratolobatus)
Guadeloupe Stick Bug (Lamponius guerini, Bacteriinae)
Stick Bug (Monandroptera acanthomera)
Devil-horn Stick Bug (Medauroidea extradentata, Phanmatinae)
Stick Bug (Neohirasea maerens, Phasmatidae)
Peruvian Fern Stick Bug (Oreophoetes peruana, Heteronemiidae)
Stick Bug (Parapachymorpha spinosa, Heteropteryginae)
a Stick Bug (Periphetes forcipatus, Phasmatidae)
Stick Bug (Phaenopharos khaoyalensis)
Stick Bug (Peruphasma schultei)
Stick Bug (Pharnacia spp.)
Stick Bug (Phasma gigas, Phasmatinae)
Giant Green Stick Bug (Pharnacia biceps, Phasmatinae)
Stick Bug (Phobaeticus maximus)
Giant Stick Bug (Phobaeticus serratipes/ Pharnacia serratipes, Phasmatinae)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium celebicum, Phylliidae)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium giganteum, Phylliidae)
Linnaeus' Leaf Bug (Phyllium siccifolium, Phylliidae)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium sp., Phylliidae)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium spec., Phylliidae)
Stick Bug (Pseudodiacantha macklotti)
Stick Bug (Pseudophasma velutinum)
Vietnamese Stick Bug (Ramulus artemis, Phasmatinae)
Stick Bug (Sceptrophasma hispidulum)
Stick Bug (Spiniphasma crassithorax)
Pink Wing Stick Insect (Sipyloidea sipylus, Necrosciinae)
Stick Bug (Sungaya inexpectata, Heteropteryginae)
Borneo Stick Bug (???)

Introduction to Stick-insects.

The picture you see below, shows the proper names of the body parts of the Stick Bug.

Insects have been around for some 325 million years! It is estimated that there are over 3000 species of Phasmids, 30 of which live in the United States 10 of which in North America, about 150 species in Australia. The name " phasmid " came from the Greek phasma meaning " appearance "or" phantom ", characterizing their capacity to be merged with their life place (imitation by homotypy and homochromy). Phasmids are a group of insects related to Orthoptera (grasshoppers, locusts, crickets), Mantids and Cockroaches. All phasmids are phytophagous, meaning that they eat only plant matter (specifically leaves, though some species will also nibble on flowers and even the bark). Stick insects are fun and easy to raise for kids as well as experienced breeders. Phasmids come in all shapes from stick like to leaf like, sizes ranging from as small as 3cm long to as big as 55.5cm long and colors (my favorite ones are milky white, green, yellow and red). They are one of the easiest pets to look after, and most require minimal care.

Wanted Species

Stick Bug (Lonchodes amaurops)--- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Hesperophasma lobata)
Canadian Stick Bug (Diapheromera femorata)
Stick Bug (Achryoptera madagascariensis)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Anisomorpha cyllarus)
Stick Bug (Anisacantha difformis)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Anisomorpha ferruginae)
Stick Bug (Ascepasma hieroglyphicum)
Stick Bug (Antongila lacinta)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Anisomorpha monstrosa, Pseudophasmatinae)
Stick Bug (Autolyca palidicornis)
Stick Bug (Anisomorpha paromalus)
Stick Bug (Achrioptera punctipes)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick bug (Acrophylla titan)
Stick Bug (Battacus shneideri)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Calvisia coerulescens)
Stick Bug (Cranidium gibbosum)
Stick Bug (Centema perfectum)
Stick Bug (Creoxylus spinosus)
Stick Bug (Dryococelus australis)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Diesbachia hellotis)
Stick Bug (Diesbachia sophiae)
Stick bug (Diesbachia tamyris)
Stick bug (Dinophasma guttigera)
Stick Bug (Dajaca monilicornis)
Stick Bug (Dares ulula, Westwood, 1859)
Stick Bug (Dares validispinus)
Stick Bug (Dares verrucosus, Heteropteryginae)
Stick Bug (Eurycantha horrida)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick But (Eurycnema herculeana)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Eurycnema versirubra)
Stick Bug (Eurycantha popondetta)
Stick Bug (Eurycantha coriacea)
Stick Bug (Eurycnema versirubra)
Giant Leaf Bug (Extatosoma popoi horridus)
Giant Leaf Bug (Extatosoma Hopii)
Leaf Bug (Extatosoma elongatum)
Giant Leaf Bug (Extatosoma popa calbergi)
Stick Bug (Eucles stabilinus)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Eurycantha coriacea)
Stick Bug (Hoploclonia cuspidata)
Stick Bug (Hoploclonia abercrombiei)
Stick Bug (Haaniella echinata)
Stick Bug (Haaniella muelleri)
Stick Bug (Haaniella saussurei)
Stick Bug (Haaniella scabra)
Stick Bug (Haaniella echinata echinata)
Stick Bug (Haaniella erringtoniae)
Stick Bug (Hoploclonia gecko)
Stick Bug (Isagoras phlegyas)
Stick Bug (Karabidion australe)
Stick Bug (Lopaphus caesius)
Stick Bug (Leocrates glaber)
Stick Bug (Megacrania batesii)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Megacrania tsudai)
Thunberg’s Stick-insect (Macynia labiata)
Stick Bug (Marmessoidea rosea)
Stick Bug (Marmessoidea tagessoidea)
Stick Bug (Marmessoidea marmessus)
Stick Bug (Necroscia punctata)
Stick Bug (Neopromachus pachynotus)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Necroscia tenera)
Stick Bug (Orthonecroscia atrosignata)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Otocrania aurita)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Ophicrania vittipennis)
Stick Bug (Orthonecrosia filum)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Oxyartes spinipennis)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Paradiacantha acanthocephala)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Pseudophasma acanthonota)
Stick Bug (Phasma reinwardtii)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Borneo Stick bug (Phobaeticus kirbyi)
Stick Bug (Phobaeticus heusii)
Malawi Stick Bug (Palophus titan)
Stick Buug (Podacanthus typhon)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Paracanachus circe)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Phenacephorus cornucervi)
Stick Bug (Parectatosoma echinus)
Stick Bug (Periphetes drivenbodei)
Stick Bug (Phasgania margaritatus)
Stick Bug (Prisopus biolleyi)
Stick Bug (Phobaeticus kirbyi)
Stick Bug (Parectatosoma hystrix)
Stick Bug (Phobaeticus fruhstorferi)
Stick Bug (Prisopus phacellus)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Phaenopharos struthioneus)
Stick Bug (Phaenopharos herwaardeni)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium alebileron)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium asekiensis)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium athanysus)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium biocolor)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium biocolatum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium bilobatum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium brevipennis)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium caudatum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium chitoniscoides)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium drunganum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium elegans)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium exsectum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium frondosum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium geryon)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium groesseri)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium hausleithneri)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium jacobsoni)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium keyicum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium lobiventre)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium palawanensis)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium pusillulum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium pulchrifolium)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium parum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium rarum)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium seite)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium schultzei)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium sinensis)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium tibetense)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium westwoodi)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium woodi)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium yunnanense)
Leaf Bug (Phyllium zomproi)
Stick Bug (Rhaphiderus scabrosus)
Stick Bug (Stratocles lateralis)
Stick Bug (Tagesoidea nigrofasciata)
Stick Bug (Theramenes olivaceus)
Children's Stick Insect (Tropidoderus childrenii)
Stick Bug (Tirachoidea jianfenglingensis)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Tirachoidea westwoodi)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Tirachoidea cantori)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Tirachoidea biceps)-- Wanted ASAP!!!
Stick Bug (Vetilia enceladus)
Stick Bug (Xylica oedematosa)


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