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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.


common name (scientific name, family )
Water Stick Insect (Ranatra spec./ Ranatra linearis?, Nepidae)

Introduction to Nepidae.

They are of the family Nepidae. This is a very interesting specie, as they almost seem to be a mix between a: stick bug, mantis, and a mosquito/ scorpion. The only other known British species in this family is Nepa cinerea. Both species are similar in that they have a breathing tube enabling air to be drawn from the surface while submerged. However, while Nepa is flat and boat shaped, only superficially like a scorpion due to the breathing tube. The tube is actually two tubes, which allow them to inhale as well as exhale almost simultaneously.

Wanted Species

Cercotmetus asiaticus Amyot & Serville
Cercotmetus brevipes Montandon
Cercotmetus compositus Montandon
Curicta scorpio Stal
Laccotrephes grossus Fabricius
Laccotrephes occultus Lundblad
Laccotrephes spp.
Nepa apiculata
Ranatra australis Hungerford
Ranatra attenuata Kuitert
Ranatra brevicollis Montandon
Ranatra buenoi Hungerford
Ranatra drakei Hungerford
Ranatra fusca Palisot de Beauvois
Ranatra kirkaldyi Torre-Bueno
Ranatra l. longipes Stal
Ranatra longipes Stal
Ranatra linearis (Linnaeus)
Ranatra montezuma Polhemus
Ranatra nigra Herrich-Schaefer
Ranatra parmata Mayr
Ranatra parvipes vicina Signoret
Ranatra quadridentata Stal
Ranatra texana Hungerford
Ranatra varipes Stal




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