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aSnake's venom and its effects.


   Extatosoma tiaratum bufonium


Giant Prickly Leaf Bug (Extatosoma tiaratum bufonium, Tropidoderinae)

Extatosoma tiaratum bufonium are sexual, but parthenogenetic if there is no male in the population. This is a rare specie.

It seems, that at some point of time, a male of Extatosoma bufonium have being mated to a female of Extatosoma tiaratum. So, E. tiaratum bufonium is a cross breed. The males look exactly like Extatosoma bufonium's males, but the females are some what in between the 2 species. This specie is also some times known as "Extatosoma tiaratum green 50/50", meaning that 50% of the females will be green when adults, and 50% of females will be other colours (like brown, white etc.).

Takes 4 month to incubate at 22-25C. The nymphs need 55- 60% humidity, although make sure not to spray L4 nymphs and up. It seems that they have almost too much moisture while molting, so if they get sprayed with some water, the females will not make it. Males seem to be the hardiest.

See the difference between male of E. tiaratum and male of E. t. bufonium here.

Diet: Bramble, Eucalyptus, Hawthorn, Oak, Raspberry, Rose, Red/ Yellow Salmon Berry.

Status: Am no longer breeding them.


L3 Female.

L4 Male.

Subadult female.

Adult male.


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