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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.

   Terms of services


Terms of Service

Shipping guarantee.

1.) We guaranteeing live arrival only by Over Night shipping. Which will have an extra charge for a heating pack for orders under $30.00 CAD.

All insects from our Indonesia store come with export permits. It is buyer's responsibility to aquire import permits. If a buyer wishes not to aquire import permits, we can't guarantee arrival of the parcel due to random custom border checks.


1.) a.) A minimum order of $20.00 CAD is required. For any payments under $30.00 made by PayPal, we require an additional 4.5% increase of the whole sum for the charge that will be subtracted for when we receive the money.
b.) If a purchase is made of less than $30.00CAD, payment by PayPal is possible as long as stated to be a "Gift", the 4.5% PayPal fee is waved.
c.) To be fare on the shipping prices, all order placed, must be provided with a full address so that we can quote a choice of prices for the shipping according to receiver's location. Therefore after making a purchase via "Add To Cart" button, you will receive a secondary. After you have chosen a shipping option you may send the payment via PayPal to

2.) If orders over $30.00 are paid by PalPal, the customer must be a "PayPal Verified" customer. Due to lots of recent scams we are unable to receive payments from Unverified PayPal customers that are over $30.00 of value.

3.) We require a full payment before we will ship the animal(s) out. If a payment is being paid by Check, it has to clear prior to shipment (usually takes 20- 25 business days to clear the check). To reserve something, we require 20% of the animal's price paid first, which is non refundable, the most time the animal can be reserved for is 14 days. If the animal arrives dead, we guarantee a full refund if it was shipped as over night shipping and was received and signed for immediately after arrival reported with in 48 hours, unless previously agreed other wise.

4.) Please note: With each shipment a customer will be given an option of either having a tracking number for their parcel or not (costs a little more for the tracking number). If the parcel should be lost by the Shipping Company and there was no trucking number, we accept no responsibility and are not able to refund any of the money for shipping and/or goods. If the buyer decides to have the Tracking Number, and it should get lost, we will either refund the money that they have paid for the animal (NOT including shipping), or if stock permits we will send another parcel with an extra charge for the shipping.

5.) We are only able to send live insects and grubs with in Canada from our Lower Mainland location. Our store in Indonesia is able to ship live stock world wide!

Our PayPal email is


Trades are made based on None Sale prices, meaning the value of a trade will be counted from none sale prices.

Shipping prices:

For shipping price quote, please give us your State, Province and Postal Code.

Copyright Notice

1.) All content included on the website, such as text, graphics and images is the property of or its content suppliers and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on the website is the exclusive property of and protected by Canadian and international copyright laws.


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