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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.



Toxic Plants.

The following plants can cause serious or life-threatening poisoning:

Angel's trumpet (Datura), Mushrooms,
Castor bean, Oleander,
Death camas (Zigadenus), Poison hemlock,
Foxglove, Rosary pea,
Hellebore, Tobacco,
Jequirity bean, Water hemlock,
Jimson weed (Thorn apple), Yew
Monkshood (Aconite),

The following plants contain a wide variety of poisons and may cause swelling of the mouth and throat, a mild stomach ache, or skin rash. If eaten in large quantities, some may cause more sereous poisoning:

Acorn, Jessamine (Yellow jasmine),
Anemone, Jonquil,
Arrowhead vine, Laburnum,
Avocado - leaves, Larkspur,
Azaleas, Laurels,
Baneberry, Lily-of-the-Valley,
Bittersweet, Lobelia,
Broom, Lupine,
Buttercups, Mistletoe,

Cactus (certain varieties),

Morning glory - seeds,
Caladium, Mother-in-law plant (Caladium),
Calla lily, Narcissus,
Cherry laurel, Nightshade (Woody, Black, Deadlt),
Crocus, Autumn, Oxalis spp.,
Daffodil, Peace lily,
Daphne, Periwinkle,


Pieris japonica,
Decil's club Philodendrons,
Devil's ivy, Poinsettia,
Dieffenbachia (Dumb cane), Poison ivy,
Elderberry, Poison oak,
Elephant's ear (Caladium), Poppy (not California),
English ivy, Potato - sprouts, leaves.
Four o'clock, Pothos,
Holly Berries, Privet,
Horsechestnut, Ranunculus,
Horsetail reed, Rhododendron,
Hyacinth Rhubarb - not stalk,
Hydrangea, Skunk cabbage,
Iris (Flag), Stinging nettle,
Ivy (Boston, English and other), Tomato - vines, leaves,
Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Waxberry,
Jerusalem cherry, Wisteria.

The following plants are consideres non-poisonous. Any plant howeber, may cause an unexpected reaction especially in young children and pets. Some can cause skin rash.

African daisy, Hens-and-Chickens fern,
African violet, Hibiscus,
Aloe vera, Honeysuckle,
Aluminum plant, Hoya,
Aralia, False, Ice plant,
Arbutus, Impatiens
Asparagus fern, Jade plant,
Aspidistra (Cast iron plant), Kalanchoe,
Aster, Lilac,
Aucuba japonica, Lily (Day, Easter or Tiger),
Baby's tears, Lipstick plant,
Bachelor buttons, Magnolia,
Bamboo, Marigold,
Begonia, Monkey plant,
Bird's nest fern, Mother-in-law tongue (Sansevieria),
Blood leaf plant, Mountain ash (rowan),
Boston fern, Nasturtium,
Bougainvillea, Norfolk island pine,
California poppy, Orchid,
Camelia, Oregon grape,
Carnation, Palm,
Chinese evergreen, Pansy,
Christmas cactus, Peperomia.
Chrysanthemum, Petunia,
Coleus spp., Piggy-back plant,
Corn plant, Prayer plant,
Cotoneaster, Purple passion,
Crab apples, Pyracantha,
Creeping Charlie,


Creeping Jennie, Rubber plant,
Croton (Codiaeum), Salal,
Dahlia, Sansevieria,
Daisies, Saskatoon berry,
Dandelion, Schefflera,
Dogwood, Sensitive plant,
Donkey lait,

Siberian pea tree (Caragana),

Dracaena, Spider plant,
Echeveria, Swedish Ivy,

Tulip - bulb,

Eugenia, Umbrella tree (Schefflera),
Fuchsia, Violets,
Gardenia, Wandering jew,
Geranium, Wax plant,
Gloxinia, Weeping fig (Ficus),
Grape Ivy, Yucca,
Hawthorn, Zebra plant.

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