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aSnake's venom and its effects.


   Hermarchus sp.


Stick Bug (Hermarchus sp.) (PSG-53)

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Sub-Class: -
Order: Phasmatodea
Sub-Order: Anareolatae
Family: Phasmatidae
Sub-Family: Phasmatinae
Genus: Hermarchus
Species: sp.
Year: -
Distribution: Papus New Guinea, Fiji.

My culture is parthenogenetic. I started with about 40 nymphs that have grown up to L4- L5, then the hell broke loose! Each time they were molting they would either loose a limb, or the legs came out crooked. It seems that they prefer 30- 40% humidity.

It is VERY important to provide a good grip on the top of the cage for this stick bug to molt properly. Since i have installed some mesh on the top of my tank, already, i have a few females that are molting with no problem.

Diet: Bramble, Guava, Red/ Yellow Salmon Berry.

Status: My whole stock all of the sudden died :(! Looking for more.


one day old nymph.


Subadult female.


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