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    Blackmail List


Blackmail List:

Hari Yanto ( His address is; Kampung Rawa Denok
JL. H. Kimah No:11 Rt 02 Rw 01
Depok 16434, Jawa Barat
Telp: 6221-7776330 - 7794234....
I have payed him the amount of $135.00 for some Orchid mantids. He never replied to 5 emails that i wrote to him after word. I never got my money back nor my Orchid mantids.

Todd Cousins ( His address is; Mr T Cousins
Small Trees,
Penstowe Road,
EX23 9QT
I have payed for 2 species of stick bugs one pair of each, instead i got 2 females of each specie. Also the one pair of millipedes he shipped in an empty container, so when i got them they were missing half of their legs and dead! He never replaced those millipedes nor returned my money back.

Tolbert Elizabeth (
Office: Tegas Insect Shop
Address: 3BP Grand Bassam
City: Grand Bassam
Country: Code D Ivoire
Zip code: 225
Tell: 22505298621
FAx: 22521312729
Do not trust this person!... I payed $300.00 for some Goliathus beetles by Western Union... She said she she got the money and have shipped the beetles... Next day she said I have to pay another $150.00 for the Customs, so i did... then she said the will add more beetles to cover that $150.00... Then Elizabeth said that she will send the parcel to her friend in Nigeria to not have any more problems. The next day her friend REBECCA ORO ( wrote that she tryed to send the beetles but customs are asking another $50.00... When i payed the $50.00, she asked for more money... Then Rebecca said she will have to send it to her other friend first!............... At the end i did not get my beetles and lost $700.00!!

I have made some trades with "The Frog Kid" last year. He traded his Ramulus sp. which he said had both males and females in the culture. He only shipped me 4 and said that if they will all turn out to be females, he will send me a few males. Now, the Ramulus sp. are all adult females. I talked to him and he tells me he never even shipped this specie to me! I do owe him two Male Extatosoma tiaratum from our last trade, but after being betrayed twice, he does not deserve them! The second time was when he sent me some stick bugs, the name of which he game me never even came up for any pictures on google, so I though ok, i'll try the new specie! Now, they are adults as well, and they are Phaenopharos Khaoyalensis, which I told him I did not want and he new that. So now, i'm left with the specie that I already had before and lost the species of Phasmids that I traded for them, and I do not have any males for my Ramulus sp.! His email is If you want to see the emails that I have received from his, stating all the guarantees, please feel free to email me at
His Address is:
Sean Andresen
303 Erskine Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4P 1Z6...
On 2008/08/29 "The Frog Kid" has sent me an email, here is the copy of the whole thing:
"the canadian food ispections agency showed up at my house with your webpage printed off
i have no animals anymore and i told them about the two coming to your house and you fending them off by saying you dont have sticks or whatever
lets see you you like being woken up by government officials saying you have illegal animals
next week i am giving them you full name and address along with the invantory reports i have from you
i told you to take the address down and i really hate that it had to come to this
i feel sadend by the loss of life of your animals but in the end more animals will be saved by making you stop importing wild caought animals
i left this business behind and its in my past
i am also giving them the threats you sent me when they were at your door the first time
thanx froggy"...
This is yet another reason to stay away from him. He is a troublesome kid.

Mark Andre Drisch
Address: 259 Dock Road, Barrie,
Ontario L4N 0L3
He have bought 40 Assassin Bug eggs from me, as it was a special order, I told him that I have to ask more expensive as I have to order them in, so I asked for 80 Euro. He agreed to that, and have paid my PayPal on April 30/07. Now, some months later, July 13th/ 07 they have requested money back from PayPal, and as it was such a while back, due to me being unable to provide documents of proof of shipping the eggs, PayPal have paid to this person and subtracted the sum of 80 Euro from my PayPal account. I wrote a number of emails to this person, but to find no replies. I would strongly advise against dealing with this person. They were very nice, at first and are big crooks! Their email is:

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