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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.



Links to reputable and reliable breeders/ suppliers/ Service Providers.

Site Link: Location:

Canine Education School

Canada, BC Burnaby
7759 Edmonds Street
Ph: 778-668-5284
The Mulch – Online Gardening Community
Free gardening community where gardeners of all abilities are connected by the plants they grow. The Mulch community brings gardening experts and everyday gardeners together to easily share information and manage their garden.
Carolina Biological Supply Company (The best place to get small "DNA Testing" tubes that are hard and can be used for shipping Phasmid Ova). There are lots of Branches, including US and Canada. (get your Silk worms; Horn worms; Wax worms; Crickets and much more here!) Canada.
Superior Shipping Supplies (A great place to get your Heat/Cold Packs, Snake Bags, Cricket boxes, etc.) USA, but can chip to Canada.
Grubco- Get your Fly larva, Crickets and much more here! Only will ship with in US.

Recorp- Get your Phoenixworms, Frozen Mice and more here!

Get predatory mites here!  
Get your Custom cut plexiglass at the best prices! Eg. (1/8" clear sheets 14" x 28.5" for $9 ea)! Call them at 604-270-1582, or visit them at #2 - 7920 River Rd. Richmond. Canada.

Get your Wax worms; Crawlers; Leeches; and more here by the 1000ns!


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