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Snake's venom and its effects.

   Sphodromantis belachowski


African Praying Mantis (Sphodromantis balachowskyi, Centralis, Gastrica and Lineola) Family-Mantidae.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Sub-Phylum: Tracheata
Class: Insecta
Sub-Class: Pterygota
Super-Order: Dictyoptera
Order: Mantodea
Sub-Order: -
Family: Mantidae
Sub-Family: Mantinae
Tribe: Paramantini
Genus: Sphodromantis
Species: balachowskyi
Year: 1967
Distribution: Gabun, Central African Republic.

Adults get 6-8cm long. They prefer to be kept at 22° - 30°C (71.6° - 86°F), and 50% damp. Both sexes are capably of flight when adults. They can tolerate temperature and humidity irregularities unlike other species. African Mantis live in shrub areas. They should never be kept together in the same cage with the exception of the mating season. Male usually have 7 or more sections on their abdomen , females 6 or less.

Diet: Drosophila, houseflies, crickets, flour worms. The feed must be very diversified. To the newly hatched larvae must be promptly offered Drosophila flies.

Subadult male.

Subadult female.

Adult male.

Adult female.

Adult female eating a Meal worm.

Subadult female eating.


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