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Snake's venom and its effects.

   Samia ricini


Eri Silkworm Moth (Samia ricini)

The are commonly razed in India and parts of the Orient for their silk. in the first two instars, they look ordinary, though on the third molt they become almost a snow white color. After each molt, they are see thru, you can even see their heart bit. They turn back to their regular color after 30- 60min. Ones the larvae turn to about 3" long, they stop growing and will start to spit out all of their guts and liquids, right after which, they will start running around like crazy and spin their cocoons. They will spit out liquids out of their mouth, so do not be alarmed and do not think that they are dieing.

Size: Both sexes get about 5 inches in wing span. Both sexes are very similar. The females are just a little bet fatter and have a bet larger antennae.

Diet: Privit, Cherry and Lilac. In India they are commonly fed on ailanthus and ligustrum.

L1- L2 larvae.

L3 larve.

Cocoons. I hanged them onto the mesh lid of the tank, making sure to not poke thru the escape side of the cocoon, other wise the moth would get trapped and will be unable to emerge.

Mating already, only two days after hatcing :)!

Just mated female.


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