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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.

   Red Side Plated Lizard (?)


Diet: Crickets, Butter Worms, Phoenix Worms, King Worms, and other grubs. Make sure to dust the insects with a multi-vitamin supplement as they will not get the natural vitamins they would from a diverse diet in the wild.

Adult size: from head to tail, approximately 1 1/2 foot long.

Males are very aggressive towards each other and should not be kept together. They can be sexed by counting the Spurs on their hind legs. Females have 8 or less spurs, males 9- 18 or more. They should be kept in at least 4 by 3 foot long cage. They must be offered a UVB light to help with digestion of Calcium and other vitamins. A shallow water dish is a must, if too tall they will not use it. In general, plated lizards are very tame and can be handled often. They should be kept at 25- 28*C, with one side of the cage being a bet cooler.


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