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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.

   Egyptian Fan Footed Gecko (Ptyodactylus hasselquisti)


This picture is of W/C specimens from Egypt collected in late 2006.

Diet: Crickets, Cockroaches, ButterWorms, and other grubs. Make sure to dust the insects with a multi-vitamin supplement as they will not get the natural vitamins they would from a diverse diet in the wild.

Adult size: 5- 7 inches long.

They are currently 3 1/2- 4 inches long. Got lots of character, especially fun to watch them feed! Are able to climb glass. A 5 Gallon tank is suitable for two to three. They must be provided a heavy and shallow dish of water to minimize the chances of its flipping over. Often they will drink the drops off the surfaces produced by misting the cage. Make sure to change the water daily. As they tend to shed very often, it is ideal to mist them with some water twice a day. They are very difficult to hold because they are extremely active.  

They like a moderate humidity level, of 30- 40%. During day time they should be kept at 80- 85*F, and dropped down to 70- 75*F during night. They must be provided a full spectrum UVB lighting during day time, this will aid in digestion of Bone/ exoskeleton, and Calcium. In the wild, their habitat consists of rocky scrubland areas. Though in captivity, I always recommend Reptile Carpet for long healthy life. If a decision is made to keep them on either Sand, or any other loose material, they will ingest some every time they feed, in time (a few years usually) a blockage will develop and they will starve to death!

They love to climb, so provide plenty of branches and plants as well as a hiding area. A basking spot should also be provided, allowing them to get closer to the heat source.

These lizards must be brumated prior to being mated. Simply stop feeding them two weeks prior to brumation, turn off all the heat sources such as: heat tape, heat lamp, etc. This will lower the temperature enaph to be suitable for brumation. Since they will be only in brumation stage, they will still be awake and require clean water daily. Brumate them for about one month, then raze the temperature back up slowly.


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