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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.

   Phyllocrania paradoxa


Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa) Family-Hymenopodidae.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Sub-Phylum: Tracheata
Class: Insecta
Sub-Class: Pterygota
Super-Order: Dictyoptera
Order: Mantodea
Family: Hymenopodidae
Sub-Family: Epaphroditinae
Tribe: Phyllocranini
Genus: Phyllocrania
Species: paradoxa
Year: 1838
Distribution: Ethopia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola, Guinea, Cape Province, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Transvaal, Uganda, Simbabwe, Guinea, Cape Province, Kenya, Cameroon, Congo, Madagascar, Mosambique, Namibia, Somalia.

They should be kept at 25 - 30C (77 - 86F), 60% humidity. Adults get 45- 50 mm long. This is a long-lived mantis. They molt approximately every 3- 5 weeks until the 4th molt. After 4th molt, they eat infrequently and the last shed before adult hood can take 1- 2 month. Young should be sprayed 5-7 times a week, adults 3 times a week. Unlike most other mantis species, Ghost mantids can be kept in groups. They like to hang upside down, so try to provide a tall container.

Diet: Drosophila, houseflies, crickets, flour worms. To the newly hatched larvae must be promptly offered Drosophila flies.

Statis: With some luck, if more will hatch, will have some oothecas available for trades only in 5- 7 month (or sooner).


One day old nymp.

L3 nymph.

L5 nymph.

Adult male.

Adult female.


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