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Snake's venom and its effects.

   One Horned Chameleon


One Horned Chameleon (?)

This was my first time ordering this specie, and got only females so can't really say what type this is exactly. The adult female are about the same size that of male of Fishers Chameleons. And have a tiny single horn on the tip of their head. Two of the females gave birth to live chameleons a few days after arriving to my place. One gave birth to 4, another to 3.

Important Note: They are very sensitive to humidity. The cage should be misted twice a day, so they can drink the droplets of water to stay hydrated, their respiratory track can't handle being exposed to humidity for longer periods of time. The cage must be an all-mesh cage.

Females: as adults, are about the same size as adult Fishers Chameleon males.

Males: ?

Diet: As nymphs, they will feed on Crickets, then pinkie mice, and as adults can take pinkie rats. All ages will accept Goldfish and fruits. As they grow quite fast, all of their feed must first be dusted in Calcium and other Vitamins.

A couple days old nymph.


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