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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.

   Starred Agama (Laudakia stellio)


All are currently sold out. More available on special order only. Minimum quantity for special order is 9. Usually takes one to two month to bring them in.

Diet: They feed on a variety of food including: Crickets, Meal Worms, Was Worms, and many other grubs as well as Baby Food as a treat.

Adult size: Not sure of their exact size, but it seems they get just over a foot long, and similar body construction that of a Bearded Dragon.

This specie is ideal for beginners, as they tend to be very docile if handled in a calm manner. They will stock their prey and have tongue just like a Chameleon, but a bet shorter. Laudakia stellio tends to be most active during the day time. Males as with all the stellio group have a line of pores/scales running vertically down the middle of the belly. They can be kept together though during a mating season, should be given plenty of space as both sexes become very territorial. Ultra-violet light is needed for the formation of vitamin D3 and subsequent uptake of calcium from the diet, and should be provided during day time. They should have a hot spot in the cage of 35- 40°C and a cooler spot of 30°C, during night time lower it down to 20- 25°C. Provide 30- 40% humidity. This can be achieved by misting lightly the cage ones to twice a day.
Each adult female will produce up to three clutches of eggs each year with a clutch size of 6 - 12 eggs.


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