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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.

   Chamaeleo fisheri


Fishers Chameleon (Chamaeleo fisheri)

Fishers Chameleons make great pets. They will change color and color patterns depending on their mood. If they are darker color, it’s a sign that they are unhappy.. perhaps check it their heat light is working properly or mist them with some water. All of our Fishers Chameleons are W/C, unless other wise specified, but are quarantined for at least 4 months prior to sale.

Important Note: Unfortunately most of the Pet Store bought Fishers Chameleons are W/C and not properly quarantined. When purchasing your chameleon, take a look at their hind legs, which should be nicely rounded and not showing any abrasions.

Females: have much shorter double horns as that of males.

Males: tend to be larger and have longer horns then females.

Diet: Crickets, Wax Worms, Butter Worms, Phoenix Worms and other grubs. They also love Baby Mashed up Fruits, which should be offered at least twice a week. Every second feeding powder their prey with multi-vitamins to ensure healthy development of bone.

An adult pair.


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