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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.

   Dynastes granti


Rhino Beetle (Dynastes granti)

The following is a chart that I made to help identify the Instar of a particular maggot.

The following is information on the Width of the Head for each Instar. This information is based on two specimens.
Instar of the maggot: Current width of the head: Maggot's head growth rate:
x 9- 9.5mm  

They originate from Arizona, USA. Please note, if you do not offer the larva Oak, Chestnut and Birch (or just feed them one tree only), your beetles will be much shorter then the ones in the wild. Also, if not provided enaph difference in their diet, the females will offen lay very few eggs, or none at all. Their season in the wild occurs from late July into October. They seem to live longer if offered some watered-down maple syrup (not that imitation garbage).

Larvas should be kept on a mixture of rotten wood, dead leaves, and compost. Dynastes granti is the longest Dynastid in the U.S. The thoracic horn is very long on D. granti but is much shorter, in comparison, on D. tityus males. The largest specimen ever found measured 85mm long. After hatching, larvas usually takes 6- 17 month to pupae. Some D. granti from certain areas will not become adults till two years after eggs are laid.

When breeding this specie, or any other Dynastes species, for best results provide a fine soil, with no sticks inside (keeping in mind to always have some on top to ensure that in a case of them flipping over, that they have to have something to grab onto to go back up).

Females: get (4.4- 4.6 cm) long. They lay as many as 50- 60 eggs, which usually take between 6- 8 months to hatch.

Males: get 3 1/2 inches (6.0- 8.5 cm) long.

Diet: Larva; Oak, Chestnut and Birch. Beetles; Apples, Bananas, etc. especially soft sugary foods.

L2 maggot.


Adult male.

Alfa male.

On the left a Female, on the right an Alfa Male.


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