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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.

   Flower Beetle (Dicronorrhina derbyana layardi)


Flower Beetle (Dicronorrhina derbyana layardi) Family- Cetonildae.

They originate from Namibia. Only 2 maggots survived to become adults, out of 20. I think they are very picky towards what they are fed on, and take a long time to readjust to a new substrate. One have to make sure to not keep the cocoons too moist, other wise they tend to die. It is always a good idea to Crack the cocoon, thus ensuring that even if it gets too dry, they are still able to make it out alive and well :)!

Females: get 35- 38mm long.

Males: get 35- 50mm long.

Diet: Larva; Oak, Chestnut and Birch. Beetles; Apples, Bananas, etc. especially soft sugary foods.

Adult beetle making its way out.

Adult male.


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