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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.

   Archispirostreptus gigas


African Giant Millipede (Archispirostreptus gigas)

Kingdom: Amimalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Diplopoda
Order: Polydesmida
Family: Eurydesmidae
Tribe: -
Genus: Archispirostreptus
Species: gigas
Year: -
Distribution: Africa, Madagascar.

They are one of the most widely kept and most popular millipedes. They have been recorded as large as 15 inches in length! These is one of the hardyest millipede and great for beginners. Their lifespan is 5-8 years. Archispirostreptus gigas will defecate when threatened, and turn your fingers purple. If regularly and gently handling they will stop this habit.

Diet: Leafs, Moss, Fruits and vegetables.



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